Duke of Earl
Q: How many people will a Lagoon 440 carry?
A: A Lagoon 440 will comfortably sleep 8-10 adults.

Q: Are the listed rates per person or does the one rate cover everyone?
A: The listed rates cover everyone.

Q: Is there anyway that I can specifically request that the Duke of Earl be the boat that we receive?
A: Unfortunately due to our agreement with the leasing company that is not possible at this time.

Q: What are some of the domestic features of a 440 Lagoon?
A: 440 Lagoons feature 4 cabins, heads, and showers (with hot water). There are 2 fridge units. There is also a flybridge for steering allowing for more space on deck for passengers.

Q: Are crewed trips available?
A: No. This is a bareboat. However, you can rent a captain for $150 a day and a stewardess to cook and clean for $150 a day.